“The public must have access to food made with highly nutritious yet affordable wheat flour, flour whose quality meets international quality standards”

- Marshal of the Royal Thai Air Force,
Fuen Ronnaphagrad Ritthakhanee,
First Chairman of the Corporate Board

As the pioneering and largest wheat flour producer in Thailand, our commitment lies in maintaining our position as the leading provider of flour in the nation. We prioritize three key aspects: delivering the highest quality goods and services, fostering trust among consumers, and ensuring access to wheat flour for individuals from all walks of life. These objectives collectively work towards our overarching goal of safeguarding health and food security throughout Thailand.


“UFM, the leading producer of quality wheat flour products for health and food security”

Mr. Suvij Suvaruchiporn,
Chairman of the Board of Directors

UFM’s next step is to become the premier provider of “Smart Foods, Good Choice.” This entails being a trusted producer and distributor of foods and ingredients that are not only nutritious and convenient but also sustainable. Our aim is to become the preferred choice among distributors, users, shoppers, and consumers alike.


Our success is grounded in our organization’s core values of Professionalism, Innovation, Empathy, and Synergy or “PIES”.  PIES represents the crux of our company’s ethos that is practiced by all our personnel, from executives to staff.

PIES – Professionalism, Innovation, Empathy, and Synergy.

UFM’s future growth is driven by continuous personnel development, innovative products and services, customer-centricity, efficient supply chain management, and strategic business alliances to fuel expansion.


“UFM Flour, quality you can trust”

We are dedicated to providing high quality products; we import premium grade wheat grains from abroad and use advanced technology machines in the production process, so consumers can trust in the quality of the products we offer.

"With an unwavering commitment to quality, our dedication to excellence starts from the initial stage of production."

The inviting textures and tastes of pastries of the best bakery shops begin with high quality raw materials. UFM’s wheat flour, from the meticulously selected grains to the standardized production process under the supervision of experts, always maintains the highest quality of the product.

Our in-house laboratories allow us to conduct research on product formulation and recipes to ensure the quality of our product. Further, we store our grains in large silos to maintain the quality, ensuring that consumers will always enjoy the high-quality wheat flour they have come to love, regardless of how weather conditions may impact the grain yields.

“We are committed to all forms of wheat flour products.”

To maintain consistency with our key mission, UFM expands its business in the food section continuously. We have established a group of subsidiaries to oversee specific operations in line with the Company’s overarching goal of promoting the use of wheat flour for consumption in Thailand.

“We are a Thai company that serves Thai people.”

At UFM, our belief in sustainable growth has propelled us to be the pioneering entrepreneur in wheat flour production in Thailand, reducing our dependence on imported flour. This has not only fostered the growth of the Thai economy but also enhanced food accessibility and created employment opportunities for our fellow citizens. Our paramount objective is to offer top-quality products at an affordable price, which has positioned UFM as the forefront leader in the wheat flour industry. With expertise spanning from production to distribution, education, and even the invention of bakery recipes, UFM has earned the trust of all consumers.